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Genesis—the seedbed of all Christian doctrine
A compact, point-by-point demonstration of the oft-stated and important claim that virtually all Christian doctrine is dependent on, or founded in, the history in the book of Genesis.
by Russell Grigg
Easter’s earliest creed
The Resurrection of Christ, and the powerful historical evidence that supports it, validates Genesis history at the same time.
by Daniel Anderson
Can we believe the Gospels?
One of Australia’s top legal minds examines the New Testament evidence for the Resurrection. He applies the standard criteria used by courts throughout the Western world to test the reliability of witnesses.
by Clarrie Briese
Evangelical wing of major Aussie church promotes ‘peace with evolution’
The Sydney Anglicans are rightly respected for their stand on biblical authority. But a recent affiliated publication calls for seeing Genesis as ‘figurative’.
by Tas Walker
The Da Vinci Code: Fiction masquerading as fact
The Da Vinci Code is the world’s top selling novel of the last three years, but its claims about Christianity don’t stack up.
by Russell Grigg
Creation Week, mature creation, and natural processes?
Creation Week, mature creation, and natural processes?
by Shaun Doyle
Did Jesus rise from the dead?
Creation for Kids: Did Jesus rise from the dead?
by Russell Grigg
Where did Cain find his wife?
If Adam and Eve had Cain, Abel and Seth then where did we all come from? Are there people living today who are not descended from Adam and Eve?
by Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith
No, God did not use evolution
Creation Magazine LIVE! Season 8 Episode 8 No, God did not use evolution
by Thomas Bailey and Matt Bondy
How long were the Genesis days?
How long were the Genesis days?
Please Pardon This Interruption
Refutation of apostate Bart Ehrman’s latest attack on Christianity and the reliability of the New Testament, Jesus Interrupted
by James Patrick Holding
‘You shouldn’t marry your cousin!’
Calls to stop cousins marrying highlight a problem that confounds evolutionists, but for Christians is as understandable as who was Cain?s wife.
by David Catchpoole