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Was there really no death before the Fall?
A correspondent asks: Was there really no death before the Fall? What about bugs and bee stingers?
by Lita Sanders
Muddy Waters
It suits the evolutionary cause to muddy the waters about natural selection—to imply it’s the same thing as evolution. But it’s crystal-clear that it’s not.
by Carl Wieland
Natural selection ≠ evolution
An important equation people should be acquainted with.
by Marc Ambler
Parametric design—evidence of creation
Do the form and function of organisms show signs of their parameters being constrained for function and form?
by Michael Milroy
Defining terms
‘Natural selection’ and ‘evolution’ can mean different things to different people. A leading evolutionist who tried to fix the problem has been largely ignored—unfortunately.
by David Catchpoole
How could Adam have named all the animals in a single day?
Creatures need to be called something. So who decided a dog would be called a dog?
by Andrew Kulikovsky
Homology, dermatomes, and pentadactyl limbs
Do dermatomes make little sense unless humans evolved from other vertebrates?
by Philip Bell
A floating island with growing trees and monkeys observed
How does this relate to Noah’s Flood?
by Michael J. Oard
The Road Runner
Meet the Real Roadrunner: Not Just a Cartoon Character. Discover the fascinating life of the roadrunner, its incredible speed, hunting skills, superstitions.
by Jeffrey Dykes
The origin of the Carboniferous coal measures
Part 1: Lessons from history.
by Joanna F. Woolley
From the heart
This doctor’s training strongly reinforced her belief in biblical creation.
by Bettina Fung
HBP1 pseudogene function
Does human and ape DNA contain shared mistakes? Clear function for so-called pseudogene supports common design.
by Bruce Lawrence