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Argonauts, octopuses, and death
Octopus reproduction raises questions about their pre-fall life cycle
by Bruce Lawrence
Babies are born ready to learn
Are babies’ minds a blank slate or is there more to it? The latest research shows baby’s brain is prepared within the womb for communication with the world and much more.
by Lucien Tuinstra
Forever young, a vain hope without God?
Is the pursuit of youth a vain hope? Is there scientific merit to the idea of living much longer than we do today?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Charming chickens
If you thought chickens were only for tikka masala, you were wrong. These versatile creatures make low-maintenance pets too. They might lay really tasty eggs, what more do you want?
by Lucien Tuinstra
The palmar grasp reflex is neither useless nor evidence of an ape past
Is the palmar grasp reflex a vestigial remnant of evolution?
by Jerry Bergman
Sounding off on evolution
Does evolution give a sound explanation for the arrival of acoustics? They say the earth was mostly quiet for billions of years, but is that an argument from silence?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Is Morganucodon a transitional fossil?
Is this evidence of mammal evolution?
by Marc Surtees
How cells handle heme
Recent discoveries about heme pose problems for evolutionary theory
by Philip Bell
Newly discovered jumping beetle mechanism inspires bionic design
Accident and adaptation, or divine design?
by Gavin Cox
Fascinating creatures that thwart evolution
by Matthew Cserhati
An amazing desert trio
After the Flood, numerous animals adapted to special environments. Let’s look at how some special animals, the sandcat, fennec fox and mulgara adapted to the desert heat!
by Matthew Cserhati
E. Coli’s electric motor: a marvel of design
The bacterium has “remarkable” and “sophisticated” nano-scale electric motors
by David Thomas