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The not-so-ponderous pelican
These masters of the intricate dance between waves, wind, gliding, and long-distance air travel show design, not evolution.
by Michael Eggleton
The beautiful complexity of the human eye
Evolutionists have attacked the eye as ‘badly designed’, but the facts show precisely the opposite.
by Jonathan Corrado
Parametric design—evidence of creation
Do the form and function of organisms show signs of their parameters being constrained for function and form?
by Michael Milroy
The Road Runner
Meet the Real Roadrunner: Not Just a Cartoon Character. Discover the fascinating life of the roadrunner, its incredible speed, hunting skills, superstitions.
by Jeffrey Dykes
Interface systems and continuous environmental tracking as a design model for symbiotic relationships
How might the biblical framework explain ecological symbiosis?
by Tom Hennigan, Randy Guliuzza, and Grace Lansdell
The marring of creation and some implications for ecosystem functioning
How might ecosystem functioning have differed before the Fall?
by Warren Shipton
Severed slug’s slick survival system
These incredible ‘solar-powered’ creatures can regenerate their bodies
by Philip Robinson
The baobab: The strangest tree on Earth
The strangest tree on Earth
by Don Batten and Jerry Bergman
The beauty of the peacock tail and the problems with the theory of sexual selection
Can sexual selection explain its beauty?
by Stuart Burgess
Evolution of the neuron
Can evolution explain the origin of neurons?
by Jerry Bergman
Animal behaviour intelligently designed!
Compelling evidence that animal behaviour is intelligently designed.
by Philip B. Bell
Caterpillar wheel
When danger looms, the Pleuruptya caterpillar can transform itself into a wheel, and roll away
by David Catchpoole