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The not-so-ponderous pelican
These masters of the intricate dance between waves, wind, gliding, and long-distance air travel show design, not evolution.
by Michael Eggleton
Muddy Waters
It suits the evolutionary cause to muddy the waters about natural selection—to imply it’s the same thing as evolution. But it’s crystal-clear that it’s not.
by Carl Wieland
‘Scuba-diving’ lizards
These stunning reptiles can stay submerged for up to 18 minutes and can ‘rebreathe’ some of their own air
by Philip Bell
Galápagos finches, rapid speciation, and recent creation
Darwin’s finches have been a poster child for evolution for more than a century, but recent genetic analysis reveals God’s creative brilliance and how He created species to change over time.
by Robert Carter
Darwin’s unpaid debt to Patrick Matthew
Did Darwin plagiarize Patrick Matthew's theory?
by Andrew Sibley
The beauty of the peacock tail and the problems with the theory of sexual selection
Can sexual selection explain its beauty?
by Stuart Burgess
The last super-tusker?
Giant tusks have a giant meaning.
by David Catchpoole
The magnificent ‘flying’ frog
Whether gliding or parachuting, these forest frogs are adapted to the air
by Don Batten
Startling Sturddlefish
Sturddlefish or paddlegeon: inter-family hybridization between sturgeon and paddlefish and created kinds.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Over-engineering in nature: an evolutionary conundrum
Natural selection can only select for the attributes an organism needs to survive, so how is it that creatures are endowed with a whole lot more than necessary?
by David Catchpoole
Rails derail Darwinism
Flightlessness is devolution, not evolution.
by Matthew Cserhati
White Squirrels?
White squirrels appear in a handful of towns in North America. How did they get there? Is it evolution? Is white fur a beneficial mutation or a curse?
by Thomas Bailey