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Dread of man: part 1—hermeneutics, cultural evolution, and biblical history
Was the ‘fear and dread’ of man in the animals after Noah’s Flood something new God specially brought about?
by Philip Bell
No evolution in pollution: killifish survivors are ‘losers’
Killifish have been found living in polluted rivers with levels of industrial toxins 8,000 times the lethal dose.
by David Catchpoole
Circadian rhythms and creation
Can evolution explain the origin of systems underlying circadian rhythms?
by Warren Shipton
Lessons from locust wings
Wind tunnel videos have revealed some unexpected aerodynamic characteristics of locust wings, which design engineers of small robotic aircraft want to copy.
by David Catchpoole
A matter of taste
Elaborately designed by God
by Lucien Tuinstra
Kiwi conservation conundrum
Does evolution hinder conservation efforts for the kiwi?
by Mark James
Kangaroos in India?
Rock art in India depicting kangaroos supports the Bible.
by Philip Robinson
Species were designed to change, part 3
Not only can species change over time, but they can merge and split as well. This can be described with the ‘braided baramin’ concept.
by Robert Carter
Owls are God’s masterpieces of design, with their acute vision, fine hearing, and soundless flight. Owls have always looked the same since their creation on day five of creation week.
by Matthew Cserhati
Species were designed to change, part 2
Where do species come from? How much change is allowed? If species change, what separates creation from evolution?
by Robert Carter
Do lizards and snakes form separate apobaramins?
Are lizards and snakes a part of the same biblical ‘kind’?
by Matthew Cserhati
Eddystone Lighthouse
How God’s design inspired the enduring design of John Smeaton’s Eddystone lighthouse.
by Grant Williams