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Common examples of ‘one gene, one trait’ exposed
Genetic complexity and interconnectedness show that many traits are much more complex than previously thought.
by Jerry Bergman
The wonderful world of bats
Amazingly and uniquely designed by God
by Matthew Cserhati
Is the RubisCO enzyme an ineffective leftover of evolution?
Some evolutionists claim that the RubisCO enzyme is an evolutionary leftover, but when we look at the details it is obviously a design element!
by Matthew Cserhati
Food scare leads to design discovery
by Don Batten
White Squirrels?
White squirrels appear in a handful of towns in North America. How did they get there? Is it evolution? Is white fur a beneficial mutation or a curse?
by Thomas Bailey
Species were designed to change, part 2
Where do species come from? How much change is allowed? If species change, what separates creation from evolution?
by Robert Carter
Unique yellow penguin sighted
Evolution in action or loss of information?
by Phil Robinson
Walk like a skate?
Are the ‘walking’ actions of skates an evolutionary step between swimming and walking on land?
by Philip Bell
Birdsong isn’t for ‘birdbrains’
Groups of plain-tailed wrens can sing a 4-part avian chorus with ease.
by David Catchpoole
Avian deceptions
What is brood parasitism? Can evolution explain its origin?
by Jon Ahlquist
Have engineers actually designed a super material that cannot be cut? And where did they get their inspiration?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Divine design denies evolution
To the unprejudiced, unexpectedly diverse instructions in fly embryos and recently discovered leg springs in flea beetles argue powerfully for Created design.
by Gavin Cox