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Lobster eyes—brilliant geometric design
It helps us see in to space more clearly.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Migration after the Flood
Observations of biogeography fit the biblical account of Earth history better than the evolutionary story.
by Dominic Statham
Bone building: perfect protein
For bones to deposit the hard calcium mineral in the right place, they need the protein osteocalcin. Recent discovery of its crystal structure shows that it binds calcium in exactly the right geometry for proper crystal growth.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Are we allowed to eat all animals today?
Are Christians bound by Mosaic (or Edenic) food laws today?
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Coronaviruses in creation
Most viruses are beneficial to living things, but occasionally one of them escapes whatever is controlling it and it run amok, burning hot but often quickly burning out.
by Robert Carter
From ape to man via genetic meltdown: a theory in crisis
A review of Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome by John C. Sanford
by Royal Truman
Natural selection ≠ evolution
An important equation people should be acquainted with.
by Marc Ambler
Life’s irreducible structure—Part 1: autopoiesis
‘Autopoiesis’ (self-making) shows that all aspects of life lie beyond naturalistic explanations.
by Alex Williams
Are look-alikes related?
What else could explain look-alikes?
by Don Batten
Astonishing DNA complexity uncovered
A major study of human DNA reveals that there is probably no such thing as ‘junk DNA’. This makes the case for creation even more overwhelmingly powerful.
by Alex Williams
Variation, information and the created kind
Variation, information and the created kind
by Dr Carl Wieland
Homology made simple
Does common anatomy necessarily point to common ancestry?
by Dominic Statham