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Bees outsmart supercomputers
Even the best supercomputers struggle to solve the ‘Travelling Salesman Problem’. Yet bees do it as a matter of course.
by Carl Wieland
Shrimp eye design
The shrimp eye has an intricately structured reflective layer to focus light. Engineers would like to be able to copy the structure.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Fascinating creatures that thwart evolution
by Matthew Cserhati
Startling Sturddlefish
Sturddlefish or paddlegeon: inter-family hybridization between sturgeon and paddlefish and created kinds.
by Jonathan Sarfati
How do we account for so many species of beetles if Noah’s Flood was only 4,500 years ago?
How do we account for so many species of beetles if Noah’s Flood was only 4,500 years ago?
by Joel Tay
Lizard losers (and winners)
Contrary to media hype, anole lizards on the Bahamas are not evolving
by David Catchpoole
Tooth enamel: hard, and hard to replace
It’s the hardest substance in the human body. But be warned: If you’re slack with your dental hygiene, fixing your tooth enamel ain’t easy.
by David Catchpoole
An amazing desert trio
After the Flood, numerous animals adapted to special environments. Let’s look at how some special animals, the sandcat, fennec fox and mulgara adapted to the desert heat!
by Matthew Cserhati
The history of flying machines
What does it tell us about the evolution of flight?
by Stuart Burgess
Over-engineering in nature: an evolutionary conundrum
Natural selection can only select for the attributes an organism needs to survive, so how is it that creatures are endowed with a whole lot more than necessary?
by David Catchpoole
E. Coli’s electric motor: a marvel of design
The bacterium has “remarkable” and “sophisticated” nano-scale electric motors
by David Thomas
Speedy sharks and golf balls
A key design feature of modern golf balls has been found on sharks, too.
by David Catchpoole