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Reading ‘origin of life’ research
What should we be aware of as we try to read the secular literature with a careful and critical eye?
by Shaun Doyle
Infections, prions and evolution
News reports about ‘evolution in prions’ has made many wonder—what are these things called prions, that cause e.g. ‘mad cow disease’? And is this really evolution?
by Carl Wieland
Hong Kong group launches a movie on its claimed ‘Noah’s Ark discovery’ at the Sydney Opera House
Hong Kong group launches a movie on its claimed ‘Noah’s Ark discovery’ at the Sydney Opera House
by Carl Wieland
Scopes at 100
The 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial pitted evolution and creation against each other in the courtroom.
by Robert Carter
Was there really no death before the Fall?
A correspondent asks: Was there really no death before the Fall? What about bugs and bee stingers?
by Lita Sanders
Are there side issues in Scripture?
How do we differentiate salvation issues as opposed to others?
by Lita Sanders
Did fish die before the Fall?
Were fish a category of nephesh chayyah life that did not suffer death before the Fall?
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Lita Cosner
How long were the Israelites in Egypt?
The time the Israelites spent in Egypt is a matter of much debate, but it can be resolved by taking a deep dive into their fascinating family history.
by Robert Carter and Lita Sanders
A 'genealogical' Adam and Eve?
A new model that claims Adam and Eve can be the genealogical ancestors, but not the genetic ancestors, of all people alive today, after people evolved from apes, fails all biblical tests.
by Robert Carter and John Sanford
It’s about time
Physicist Robert Gentry explains how polonium radiohalos constitute powerful evidence for biblical creation.
by Margaret Helder
C-14 dates and the HK ‘ark’ claim
Discrepant C-14 dates provide further skepticism of the recent claims to have found Noah’s Ark on Mt Ararat.
by Carl Wieland
Who is wrong about the biblical date of the Flood, and the Great Pyramid? Somebody must be wrong somewhere …
John B from the UK writes into CMI questioning the article Time fears the pyramids? How they fit into the true biblical history. Gavin Cox and Gary Bates respond.
by Gavin Cox, Gary Bates