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What percentage is acceptable to you?
Is your family equipped to stand against the challenge?
by Scott Gillis
Is ‘the ultimate curse’ the result of ‘the sin of Adam and Eve’?
A reader questions ‘omitting’ Adam’s helpmate from blame for the world’s tragic condition.
by Russell Grigg
Adam and Eve
What does the Bible tell us about our earliest ancestors?
by Lita Sanders
A very revealing Questionnaire
Here are nine simple questions to ask your future possible pastor, youth group leader or Bible College principal to find out their view of Genesis.
by CMI staff
A Defense of Six-Day Creation
A former compromising pastor explains why he now believes that a strong stance on Genesis is critical for the church.
by G I Williamson
The bad tree of evolution
Rotten from the roots to the fruits.
by Robert Gurney
What distinguishes origins and operational science?
What’s the difference?
by Lita Sanders
Tsunami tragedy
The tragic devastation wreaked by the Boxing Day, 2004 tsunami is a sober reminder of the awesome power of God’s judgment in the Flood of Noah.
by By Tas Walker
Skeptics challenge: a ‘God of love’ created a killer jellyfish?
How to answer a common objection from scoffers.
by David Catchpoole
Monkey madness
It wasn’t exactly a Shakespearean response that researchers got when they put a keyboard and computer screen in the local zoo’s monkey enclosure!
by David Catchpoole
Dealing with doubt
There are good ways back to faith if believers sometimes experience doubt in their Christian walk.
by Lita Sanders
Modern science in creationist thinking
As biblical creationists, can we know what God did when he created this vast universe?
by John Hartnett