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Age of the earth
Data from many different sources point to a young age for the cosmos; not billions of years.
by Don Batten
Refuting Evolution chapter 8: How old is the earth?
by Jonathan Sarfati
The way it really is: little-known facts about radiometric dating
Long-age geologists will not accept a radiometric date unless it matches their pre-existing expectations.
by Tas Walker
Tree ring dating (dendrochronology)
by Don Batten, Ph.D.
Radiometric dating and the age of the Earth
The 4.5 billion-year radiometric ‘age’ of the earth is based on faulty assumptions even secular researchers have acknowledged.
by Ralph W. Matthews, Ph.D.
How dating methods work
Radioactive dating sounds complicated but it is really quite simple.
by Tas Walker
The fatal flaw with radioactive dating methods
When you peel away the mystery it’s obvious that the dates are not objectively measured.
by Tas Walker
How potassium-argon dating works
Why it has tended to reinforce what geologists already believed.
by Tas Walker
The dating game
Scientists won’t accept radiometric dates they don’t like, as arguments over Mungo Man show.
by Tas Walker
Radioactive dating methods
Ways they make conflicting results tell the same story.
by Tas Walker
Flaws in dating the earth as ancient
When the numbers don’t add up, it’s time to examine the methods and the philosophy behind them.
by Alexander R. Williams
Carbon dating into the future
Carbon–dating sometimes gives negative dates, i.e. dates for events that have not yet happened.
by Andrew Lamb