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How accurate are marine microfossil transfer functions?
Uniformitarian assumptions create inaccuracies for reconstructing past climates from marine microfossils.
by Michael Oard
Evolutionists can’t prove millions-of-years
Why all ‘dating’ methods have fatal flaws, so can’t be disproofs of the biblical timescale.
by Tas Walker
Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 5—exaggerated old age dates
Does amino acid racemization make for a reliable dating technique?
by Royal Truman
Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 4—racemization always exceeds the rate of peptide elongation in aqueous solution
Do amino acids racemize in water faster than peptides can grow?
by Royal Truman and Boris Schmidtgall
Bird tracks before birds existed?
Sneak peek for the latest Creation magazine: Bird tracks found in South Africa date a long time before birds, according to evolution’s deep time.
by Don Batten
Uniformitarian paleoaltimetry estimates questionable
What assumptions and challenges call into question long-age attempts to assess the height of the land in the past?
by Michael J. Oard
The universe isn’t old, it’s just tired!
The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the entropy (disorder) of the universe increases through time.
by James (Jim) R. Hughes
'Earliest' ancestor of cephalopods
Could a fossil cephalopod with 10 arms be considered ancestral to today’s species of octopus?
by Lucien Tuinstra
‘Dinosaur Age’ bacteria revived from deep sea bed
Biologists can’t understand how seabed bacteria dormant since the ‘age of dinosaurs’ have been revived with full functionality
by David Catchpoole
More questions on the dating of Mount St Helens lava dome
See how they have been answered many times and understand the key concept to dismiss dating doubts
by Tas Walker
Why I’m finally a young-earth creationist
CMI’s Dr Jim Mason responds to Dr Luke Barnes’ Premier Christianity magazine article, “Why I’m no longer a young-earth creationist”
by Jim Mason
Soft tissue preservation in a ‘Jurassic’ ichthyosaur
More evidence that fossils are better explained in the biblical timeframe
by Phil Robinson