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Dating in conflict
Analysis of wood samples from Tertiary rocks yielded significant carbon-14 indicating the wood was only thousands of years old, not millions.
by Hansruedi Stutz
Radioactive ‘dating’ in conflict!
Tree trunks engulfed by molten lava couldn’t survive could they? Here’s evidence that they did!
by Andrew Snelling
Carbon-14 in diamonds: Refuting Talk.Origins
Carbon-14 in Diamonds is still a problem for evolutionists.
by Joel Tay
Radiometric backflip
The discovery of bird tracks in ‘Late Triassic’ rocks once again puts a big question mark over the veracity of long-age radiometric techniques
by Jonathan O'Brien
Dinosaur proteins and radiocarbon wreak ‘Jurassic World’ havoc
Collaborative creation research falsifies the evolutionary dates for the alleged ‘age of dinosaurs’.
by Brian Thomas
More on radioactive dating problems
A further response to Reasonable Faith Adelaide.
by Jim Mason
Worldviews, logic, and earth’s age—part 1
Old-earth creationists should face the reality that their position more aligns them with a worldview that opposes Christianity.
by John K. Reed and Shaun Doyle
Diamonds—Are they really all that old?
A pristine, unfossilized wooden log has recently been found in ‘ancient’ diamond-bearing rock
by Jonathan O'Brien
Sperm wail
The evolutionists’ cry that ostracod gametes are 17 million years old defies common sense.
by David Catchpoole
Oxidizable carbon ratio dating
What is it? And is it evidence against the Bible’s age of the earth?
by Tas Walker
Saving the ‘billions of years’ age of Titan
Saturn’s moon Titan is sinking old-age ideas, despite rescue attempts.
by David Coppedge
Nuclear physicist embraces biblical creation
Dr Jonathan Sarfati interviews Dr Brandon van der Ventel.
by Jonathan Sarfati