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Kevin Anderson creation scientist Challenging evolution with science
This Creation magazine interview, completed before Kevin’s relatively sudden and recent tragic passing, is previewed here to honour the life of a remarkable man.
by Robert Carter
Soft flexible nerves in Triceratops bone
Sneak peek of a insightful article from the latest Creation magazine. Soft flexible nerves have been found in a Triceratops fossil
by Joel Tay
The giant that shouldn’t be
This huge dicynodont means evolutionary history needs revising—again!
by Phil Robinson
Thunder lizard handstands
Sneak peek of a powerful article from the latest Creation magazine. Amazing fossil trackways confirm deep Floodwaters
by Phil Robinson
How big were the dinosaurs, really?
How big were the dinosaurs on average, and what was the biggest of them all? How did Noah get them on the Ark?
by Jonathan Sarfati
New dinosaur Lingwulong shenqi
Lingwulong shenqi, ‘amazing dragon of Lingwu’, is a Diplodocus-like dinosaur confounds evolutionists by being in the wrong place and time
by Jonathan Sarfati
The biggest dinosaur eggs
Just how big were they, and what are the implications for the Ark?
by Phil Robinson
Medieval artists saw extinct reptiles: more evidence
Comparisons between modern and medieval artists show ancient peoples saw 'extinct' reptiles and dinosaurs
by Brian Thomas
Dinosaur eggs point to the Flood
Their survival is hard to explain, but after a little digging, answers start to emerge.
by Mike Oard
Are there dragons in the British Museum?
When some early fossil hunters unearthed the bones of creatures, they recognised them as more than mythical animals.
by Amelia Hunter
The Alvis Delk human-dino footprints artefact
Is it an ancient fossil indicating dino-human coexistence or a modern hoax?
by Tas Walker
The Cal Orcko (‘Lime Hill’) dinosaur trackways
Thousands of dinosaur tracks in a cliff?—How did they get there!
by Andrew Lamb