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Pterosaurs—one of the strangest animals God ever created
One of the strangest animals God ever created
by Jerry Bergman
Review of Jurassic World: Dominion
Read our review of Jurassic World: Dominion. What are some of the newer dinosaurs in the movie, and were dinosaurs and pterosaurs feathered?
by Joel Tay, Phil Robinson
Feathered pterosaurs: ruffling the feathers of dinosaur evolution
Ruffling the feathers of dinosaur evolution.
by Joel Tay
Are there dragons in the British Museum?
When some early fossil hunters unearthed the bones of creatures, they recognised them as more than mythical animals.
by Amelia Hunter
Dinosaur and mammal tracks found together
Highly concentrated fossil tracks found near NASA Goddard Space Center support Noah’s Flood
by Michael Oard
On pterosaurs, and flights of the evolutionary imagination
Non-existent evolutionary ‘ghost lineages’ have been invoked to try to explain these fascinating flying reptiles.
by John Woodmorappe
Three become one
An extraordinary fossil leaves a record of death which scientists are struggling to explain.
by Philip Robinson
Tiny pterosaur’s untimely end
A pterosaur fossilized—in its egg! What would you think?
by David Catchpoole
Graveyards of small dinosaurs
Evidence for a dinosaurian Galapagos, or a snapshot of the Flood?
by Emil Silvestru
Pterosaurs flew like modern aeroplanes
New discoveries about a tiny pterosaur bone show that they flew with ‘aerodynamic tricks like those found in modern aircraft’.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Vietnamese emperor sees flying dragon