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Thunder lizard handstands
Sneak peek of a powerful article from the latest Creation magazine. Amazing fossil trackways confirm deep Floodwaters
by Phil Robinson
Feathered pterosaurs: ruffling the feathers of dinosaur evolution
Ruffling the feathers of dinosaur evolution.
by Joel Tay
Responding to liberal scholarship on Behemoth
Some liberal scholars are advancing a ‘lewd hypothesis’ about the description of Job’s behemoth in Job 40:17.
by Paul Price
The bigger they are …
Skeptics say if humans and dinosaurs co-existed, then we would have been easy prey for such monsters. Or would the reverse be the case?
by Carl Wieland
How big were the dinosaurs, really?
How big were the dinosaurs on average, and what was the biggest of them all? How did Noah get them on the Ark?
by Jonathan Sarfati
New dinosaur Lingwulong shenqi
Lingwulong shenqi, ‘amazing dragon of Lingwu’, is a Diplodocus-like dinosaur confounds evolutionists by being in the wrong place and time
by Jonathan Sarfati
The biggest dinosaur eggs
Just how big were they, and what are the implications for the Ark?
by Phil Robinson
Pre-Flood predatory dinosaur interactions and the fossil record
Carnivorous dinosaurs pre-Flood: Wouldn’t lots of apex predators be problematic for the biblical creation perspective?
by Philip Bell
Medieval artists saw extinct reptiles: more evidence
Comparisons between modern and medieval artists show ancient peoples saw 'extinct' reptiles and dinosaurs
by Brian Thomas
Dinosaur eggs point to the Flood
Their survival is hard to explain, but after a little digging, answers start to emerge.
by Mike Oard
A pterosaur in the Flood waters?
What would you include in an image of the global Flood of Noah? Nineteenth century artist Edward Burne-Jones depicted a pterosaur, consistent with the biblical text.
by Phil Robinson
Leonardo’s dragon
How did he draw a dinosaur so accurately?
by Phil Robinson