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Dinosaurs in Noah’s vineyard
In a region north of the mountains of Ararat where secular scholars believe vineyards were first planted, there is a church with carved images of dinosaurs.
by David Lewis
Dinosaurs and dragons: stamping on the legends
Dragon stories from all over the world are evidence that dinosaurs have been seen by humans throughout time.
by Russell Grigg
The secret of Leviathan’s body-armour?
Engineers want to copy the design principles they’re discovering in nature’s flexible defences.
by David Catchpoole
Can dinosaurs falsify evolution?
Dinosaurs captivate old and young alike, but why do people think they prove evolution?
by Gary Bates
Chinese fossil layers and the uniformitarian re-dating of the Jehol Group
How the dating evidence is forced to fit the dino-to-bird evolutionary paradigm.
by Andrew Sibley
Media bias hides the significance of Alaskan hadrosaur finds
Why don’t the media admit that Alaskan hadrosaur bones are not turned to stone, as would be expected in millions of years?
by Paul Price
Behemoth and leviathan in the book of Job
What were they? Dinosaurs? Modern day animals? Symbolic monsters of evil?
by Mart-Jan Paul
Leviathan—real or symbolic?
Is the creature Leviathan spoken of in Job 41, the same as that mentioned in Isaiah 27 and Psalm 74?
by Lita Coosner
Tiny pterosaur’s untimely end
A pterosaur fossilized—in its egg! What would you think?
by David Catchpoole
Grotesque dinosaur cannibals!
The Bible says God created animals to reproduce ‘after their kind’. But these dinosaurs ate their own kind! Go figure …
by David Catchpoole
Dinosaur soft tissue gets ‘ironic’ response
The significant amount of soft tissue being found in dinosaur bones is causing evolutionists to grasp at straws in order to explain its existence.
by Calvin Smith
Mesopotamian monsters in Paris
Ancient Mesopotamian artifacts show evidence of ancient knowledge of dinosaurs.
by Dominic Statham