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Why did God reject Cain’s offering?
What was different about Cain and Abel and their offerings?
by Jonathan Sarfati
The study of creation science and the Bible are vital for spiritual maturity
Encouragement and advice for Christians, especially young people and students, who are interested in deepening their knowledge-base in creation science, and in their devotional studies.
by Andrew Sibley
Leaving a lasting legacy
Christian parents can ‘fire-proof’ their children’s spiritual foundations and leave a lasting legacy by honestly answering their questions and defending the Bible as God’s inerrant Word.
by Gavin Cox
Homeschool conference: great encouragement and some concerns
Great encouragement from attendees at homeschool conference, yet we also experienced concerns due to false teaching about creation
by Matthew Cserhati, Gary Bates
The non-evolution of the horse
The amazing variety in these magnificent animals serves as a reminder that things do not make themselves.
by Jonathan Sarfati
It’s all about the teacher
Creation evangelists Bob and Frances Relyea are committed to teaching the teachers to continue spreading the truth of creation.
by David Catchpoole and Warren Nunn
STILL linking and feeding
Reaching more people in the Church is critical to spreading the creation message.
by Carl Wieland
Atoms and God’s order in the fundamental building blocks of all substance
Did Dmitri Mendeleev really get the idea for the Periodic Table in a dream?
by Craig A Perman
Creation in-depth: If you can’t beat them, ban them
A review of Slaughter of the Dissidents by Jerry Bergman.
by Lloyd To
Encyclopedic ‘truth’ … or worldly wisdom?
Encyclopedias have been regarded by many as being reliable ‘fonts of knowledge’. But when it comes to evolution, can you trust them?
by David Catchpoole
Is there a future for Christian education?
Religious discrimination is rampant against creationists: the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board’s decision to deny the ICR Graduate School the right to grant accredited advanced degrees is one example.
by Chris Ashcraft
School assignments and creation account ‘contradictions’
Advice on how to structure an assignment on creation/evolution
by Lita Cosner, Adrian Bates