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The non-evolution of the horse
The amazing variety in these magnificent animals serves as a reminder that things do not make themselves.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Atoms and God’s order in the fundamental building blocks of all substance
Did Dmitri Mendeleev really get the idea for the Periodic Table in a dream?
by Craig A Perman
Discovering the Hidden Value of Math
Discovering the Hidden Value of Math: How math builds the brain
by Heather Shanks
Are look-alikes related?
What else could explain look-alikes?
by Don Batten
God … in Math?
Math’s very ability to work is a testimony to God’s faithfulness.
by Katherine Loop
‘How do I do my assignment about evolution?’
Bible-believing students can get top marks in evolution courses—it helps to know more about evolution than the evolutionists want you to know!
by Tas Walker
STILL linking and feeding
Reaching more people in the Church is critical to spreading the creation message.
by Carl Wieland
Atheists to do religious education in schools
The government of Victoria, Australia, looks set to approve atheists teaching their destructive beliefs to young children.
by Don Batten and Russell Grigg
A Civic Biology and eugenics
How did the school text book that was the subject of the Scopes trial impact eugenics—the ‘scientific’ breeding of human beings?
by Grant Williams
How to Correct Spelling Mistakes
Homeschooling parents: How to Correct Spelling Mistakes
by Marie Rippel
Erring on the side of censorship (Brittany McComb’s address cut short)
Valedictorian speech censored by school.
by Lita Sanders
Creation in-depth: If you can’t beat them, ban them
A review of Slaughter of the Dissidents by Jerry Bergman.
by Lloyd To