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Creation in schools hits the headlines
Humanists trying to block creation in the classroom—aided by Christians?
by Philip Bell
Biology exam fraud
Fraudulent embryo drawings (a la Ernst Haeckel) said to provide evidence for evolution.
by Rocky Smart
The BBC TV series Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
Leading presenter Andrew Marr’s 3-part TV series adulates Darwin and his ideas, but makes some important admissions about their tragic consequences.
by Philip Bell
Who’s inheriting the wind now?
A bitter harvest from the Darwinian propaganda film about the Scopes trial (1925–2005). Darwinian advocates have failed to predict the bad consequences of teaching evolution as truth
by David Demick
Atheists to do religious education in schools
The government of Victoria, Australia, looks set to approve atheists teaching their destructive beliefs to young children.
by Don Batten and Russell Grigg
So, you’re doing a report on Creation vs Evolution …
Advice on how to write a winning report that doesn’t compromise on the truth.
Evolutionising the young
To counteract children’s natural tendency to believe in a creator, secularists press for the teaching of evolution at a younger and younger age.
by Dominic Statham
Religion in schools?
A high school student thinks it’s a good thing that religion isn’t allowed in public schools. But is that really the case?
by Lita Sanders
Indoctrinating children
The UK’s National Secular Society does not want religious creationism taught in schools, but they are OK with religious humanism being taught.
by Jim Mason
Senseless cynical censorship
A campaign organized by the British Humanist Association, of 46 leading scientists and organizations, is pressuring the Welsh Government to ban creation in Welsh schools
by Gavin Cox
The great educational experiment
Why using public money for school education is dangerous to children.
by Jenny Arms
Creation in independent schools
Under the guise of protecting school pupils against indoctrination, hypocritical moves are afoot to propagate scientific materialism.
by Dominic Statham