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Ark objections
An objection to a scale model of Noah’s Ark reveals the real reason so many people reject the Flood.
by Marc Ambler
Doing it right
Thinking of having an outreach event in your community with a CMI speaker for non-believers? Read this article first to learn how plan an effective outreach and avoid disappointment.
by Calvin Smith
The importance of creation in evangelism
It is often necessary to show that the Bible is trustworthy from the beginning before a person indoctrinated in evolution will accept the Gospel.
by Don Batten
‘Why doesn’t my argument work?’
Dealing with the frustration of our best arguments falling on deaf ears.
by Shaun Doyle
Practical Evangelism: Taking the Roof Off
A strategy for sharing the Gospel with skeptical friends.
by Paul Price
Who’s inheriting the wind now?
A bitter harvest from the Darwinian propaganda film about the Scopes trial (1925–2005). Darwinian advocates have failed to predict the bad consequences of teaching evolution as truth
by David Demick
In the beginning … they misunderstood
Two evangelical theologians set out to interpret Genesis 1 in its original context but is their methodology flawed?
by Andrew S Kulikovsky
Does creation damage Christianity’s credibility?
Do compromising interpretations of Genesis help apologetics?
by Lita Sanders
Evidence for young-earth creationism
How to build a case for biblical creation
by Shaun Doyle
Atoms and God’s order in the fundamental building blocks of all substance
Did Dmitri Mendeleev really get the idea for the Periodic Table in a dream?
by Craig A Perman
Answering fools’ folly
Does the Bible contradict itself in Proverbs 26:4–5?
by David Catchpoole
Creation in-depth: If you can’t beat them, ban them
A review of Slaughter of the Dissidents by Jerry Bergman.
by Lloyd To