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Creation evangelism in Japan
Japanese churches using Acts 17 evangelism see conversion growth.
by Don Batten
Creation in schools hits the headlines
Humanists trying to block creation in the classroom—aided by Christians?
by Philip Bell
Creation evangelism
The ‘big picture’ in which the Gospel makes sense.
by Carl Wieland
The frightful level of thought control in American academia
A review of Free to Think: Why Scientific Integrity Matters by Dr Caroline Crocker.
by John Woodmorappe
Charge the hill
Vimy Ridge was a pivotal WW1 battle because of the strategic importance of controlling the high ground. Controlling earth’s history is the key to winning the battle of origins.
by Calvin Smith
Are look-alikes related?
What else could explain look-alikes?
by Don Batten
Encyclopedic ‘truth’ … or worldly wisdom?
Encyclopedias have been regarded by many as being reliable ‘fonts of knowledge’. But when it comes to evolution, can you trust them?
by David Catchpoole
Biology exam fraud
Fraudulent embryo drawings (a la Ernst Haeckel) said to provide evidence for evolution.
by Rocky Smart
Is there a future for Christian education?
Religious discrimination is rampant against creationists: the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board’s decision to deny the ICR Graduate School the right to grant accredited advanced degrees is one example.
by Chris Ashcraft
Jesus teaching the ‘big picture’ from Genesis
Today’s evolutionized society needs Gospel preaching based on Genesis.
by Gary Bates, Russell Grigg
School assignments and creation account ‘contradictions’
Advice on how to structure an assignment on creation/evolution
by Lita Cosner, Adrian Bates
Veteran creation biologist Dr Wayne Frair
discusses his experiences as a creationist student in zoology departments of several universities
by Wayne Frair