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Jesus teaching the ‘big picture’ from Genesis
Today’s evolutionized society needs Gospel preaching based on Genesis.
by Gary Bates, Russell Grigg
School assignments and creation account ‘contradictions’
Advice on how to structure an assignment on creation/evolution
by Lita Cosner, Adrian Bates
Veteran creation biologist Dr Wayne Frair
discusses his experiences as a creationist student in zoology departments of several universities
by Wayne Frair
Creation taught in school religion classes
Evolutionists aghast that Scripture teachers say the Christian faith is true
by Russell Grigg
Is Intelligence allowed?
As Ben Stein’s Expelled documentary film premieres in London, academics once again debate Design.
by Dominic Statham
A Civic Biology and eugenics
How did the school text book that was the subject of the Scopes trial impact eugenics—the ‘scientific’ breeding of human beings?
by Grant Williams
Evangelical Christian leaders promote evolution
Lecturers from Christian training institutions reject plain reading of Genesis.
by Adrian Bates
One man and a vision
The sight of a stately ‘Ark’ cruising Holland’s waterways turns heads—and hearts.
by Frans Gunnink
Atheists to do religious education in schools
The government of Victoria, Australia, looks set to approve atheists teaching their destructive beliefs to young children.
by Don Batten and Russell Grigg
Taking creation evangelism to the streets!
Two friends find that ‘creation evangelism’ works in the market place!
by no author
Faith-based attacks on religious schools
Atheists profess tolerance but display rank intolerance when it comes to schools that refuse to toe the materialistic party line.
by Lita Sanders
Expelled: New movie exposes persecution of anti-Darwinists
The documentary Expelled is set to make a real stir in March 08 with its powerful exposé of the relentless suppression of anyone not toeing the Darwinian ‘party line’.
by Andrew Halloway