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A great way to spread the news
Inexpensive brochures now available for you to download and print. Use them for local outreach.
‘How do I do my assignment about evolution?’
Bible-believing students can get top marks in evolution courses—it helps to know more about evolution than the evolutionists want you to know!
by Tas Walker
If only the church could name the enemy …
What is now the religion of the Western world? Amazingly, the church seems unable to answer this question.
by Peter Milford
Evangelical wing of major Aussie church promotes ‘peace with evolution’
The Sydney Anglicans are rightly respected for their stand on biblical authority. But a recent affiliated publication calls for seeing Genesis as ‘figurative’.
by Tas Walker
Erring on the side of censorship (Brittany McComb’s address cut short)
Valedictorian speech censored by school.
by Lita Sanders
Suddenly there was culture
Creation for Kids: Suddenly there was culture
by Lara Wieland
5 lessons for raising financially savvy kids
The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.’
by Pamela Yellen
A teacher’s view
Receive some tips for selecting curriculum and teaching grammar and spelling in your homeschool.
by Dawn Burnette
Arming your soldiers to fight temptation
training children to resist temptation
by Hal and Melanie Young
My Life as an American Patriot
Study ideas for the Revolutionary War (the American Revolution).
by Lynda Holler
Speak to me as you often do : Finding and Developing Writing Voice
Speak to me as you often do: Finding and developing writing voice
by Susan Spann
Scientific Experiments for Homeschoolers
Scientific Experiments for Homeschoolers by Davala and Dr Sarfati
by Steve Davala and Jonathan Sarfati