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Monkeying around with human embryos?
Modern science allows us to perform experiments on human embryos that are contrary to Scripture. What should our response be?
by Dr Robert Carter
Is the mind all that matters?
Does the brain represent the seat of our humanity? Is it okay to experiment with minibrains grown in the lab?
by Matthew Cserhati
Artificial wombs may help extremely premature babies
Every year hundreds of thousands of babies are born prematurely worldwide. With premature birth being the lead cause of death for babies, can an artificial womb help them?
by Phil Robinson
Human cloning
What are the ramifications if scientists take the next step in creating artificial life?
by Robert Carter
Human/animal hybrids?
The NIH intends to fund research which creates human/animal hybrids. What should creationists think?
by Robert Carter and Lita Cosner
Three-parent embryos: What should biblical creationists think?
3-parent embryos to cure mitochondrial disease: what are the biblical, moral, scientific, and legal issues?
by CMI staff
Human/animal hybrids: are they possible, and could they be saved?
Are human/animal hybrids a problem for Christianity, or even a possibility?
by Lita Sanders
President Obama okays funding embryonic stem cell research (but removes adult stem cell funding)
President Obama now forces taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research, but will this save lives or take them? And he rescinded funding for proven life-saving somatic stem cell research
by Lita Sanders
Cloning: right or wrong?
by Werner Gitt