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Revisiting Homo floresiensis
How has our understanding of Homo floresiensis changed since its discovery was first announced in 2004?
by Peter Line
HLD 6—an ancient Chinese skull that’s hard to fit into current evolutionary ideas
Sneak peek for the latest Creation magazine: Ancient Juvenile Fossil Skull Unearthed in China Rewrites Human Evolution: Mysterious 300,000-year-old HLD 6 Skull Challenges the Human Family Tree.
by Peter Line
Developments in paleoanthropology no. 2
How do some more recent paleoanthropology finds fit into the biblical perspective?
by Peter Line
Dragon Man
Evolutionists propose a new human species from China
by Peter Line
‘Seven Sisters’ similarities point to Babel, not evolution
Isn’t it curious that the stars in the Pleiades constellation should be regarded so universally as seven women, and most often sisters?
by David Catchpoole
Neanderthals becoming more modern with time
Archaeology confirms that Neanderthal Man had numerous abilities that are attributed to modern man.
by Michael J. Oard
Social animals
Does a good society have evolutionary origins?
by Daniel Davidson
Orang-outang or Homo sylvestris: ape-men before Darwin
Did people believe in apemen before Darwin?
by Andrew Sibley
Evidence that modern humans and ‘super-archaic’ humans may have shared DNA
New genetic evidence shows that humans may share DNA with super-archaic humans.
by Matthew Cserhati
‘Out of Africa’ on the ropes
The favoured story of human evolution is now struggling
by Peter Line
Paleoanthropology in Australia—Homo erectus and modern human origins
Homo erectus and modern human origins
by Peter Line
“No To Racism” campaign backlash
Will racism ever be eradicated? Does the world have the remedy? A return to biblical creation is needed: God made from one man every nation of mankind.
by Lucien Tuinstra