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The AI revolution
Humans are not meat-based computers; no matter how good an AI program might be at churning out responses to questions, it will never be emotionally involved with anything it does.
by David Thomas
Revisiting Homo floresiensis
How has our understanding of Homo floresiensis changed since its discovery was first announced in 2004?
by Peter Line
HBP1 pseudogene function
Does human and ape DNA contain shared mistakes? Clear function for so-called pseudogene supports common design.
by Bruce Lawrence
Lost cities of the Amazon
Proof that these modern-day hunter-gatherer tribes once lived in sophisticated urban centres
by David Thomas
HLD 6—an ancient Chinese skull that’s hard to fit into current evolutionary ideas
Sneak peek for the latest Creation magazine: Ancient Juvenile Fossil Skull Unearthed in China Rewrites Human Evolution: Mysterious 300,000-year-old HLD 6 Skull Challenges the Human Family Tree.
by Peter Line
Developments in paleoanthropology no. 2
How do some more recent paleoanthropology finds fit into the biblical perspective?
by Peter Line
Dragon Man
Evolutionists propose a new human species from China
by Peter Line
Creation and the Advent
More important than the facts of creation is our Creator!
by Jonathan Sarfati
Ancestor bias
Non-scientific biases affect museum reconstructions
by Phil Robinson
Neanderthals could hear like modern man
More evidence that Neanderthals were descended from Adam.
by Michael Oard
The palmar grasp reflex is neither useless nor evidence of an ape past
Is the palmar grasp reflex a vestigial remnant of evolution?
by Jerry Bergman
Humans evolving?
Does having an extra forearm artery prove evolution?
by Joel Tay