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15 Questions for Evolutionists
The teaching of biological evolution in science classes amounts to the teaching of a materialistic religion based on arguments that lack scientific merit.
by Don Batten
‘It’s not science
Attempts to dismiss creation as ‘religious’ do not stack up logically.
by Don Batten
Origin of life
The origin of life remains a vexed problem for those who would like to be rid of God the Creator.
by Don Batten
Marxism, law and evolution: Marxist law in both theory and practice
Marxism is still influencing contemporary legal thinkers, but what sort of society will law without God lead to?
by Augusto Zimmermann
Is evolution true?
When the arguments used to support evolution are examined, how many actually pass muster?
by Don Batten
Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Haeckel perpetrated multiple frauds to promote evolution including his infamous embryo drawings.
by Russell Grigg
Herbert Spencer
Spencer is most (in)famous for applying survival of the fittest to human society—the strongest and fittest should flourish, while the weak and unfit should die!
by Russell Grigg
15 loopholes in the evolutionary theory of the origin of life: Summary
15 loopholes in the evolutionary theory of the origin of life: Summary
by Jonathan Sarfati
Is evolution pseudoscience?
Evolutionists’ own criteria for identifying a ‘pseudoscience’ show that evolution itself is a pseudoscience.
by Mark Johansen
Darwin’s illegitimate brainchild
If you thought Darwin’s Origin was original, think again!
by Russell Grigg
Is evolution ‘scientific’?
America’s National Science Education Standards specifies certain criteria as to what constitutes scientific knowledge. How does evolution rate?
by Calvin Smith
Atheism needs evolution
Far from the theory of evolution being derived from facts that speak for themselves, it is actually rooted in the philosophical concept of atheism.
by Calvin Smith