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World Creation stories
Everyone believes in a creation story of some sort, but which of the world’s creation stories have proven to be the most detrimental to a civil society?
by Calvin Smith
Genesis: the roots of the Gospel
Why does evolution undermine the Gospel?
by Ann Lamont
The fish with ‘four eyes’ (Anableps)
The best explanation for Anableps is that it was created on Day 5 of Creation Week.
by Russell Grigg
Heads I win, tails you lose
Please advice ‘teaser’
by Dominic Statham
Genesis, history and Haeckel’s diagrams
Is Genesis history? And universities still use Haeckel’s fraudulent embryo diagrams!
by Jonathan Sarfati and David Catchpoole
10 dangers of theistic evolution
by Werner Gitt
‘Big Man’ and ‘Lucy’
Was the latest fossil find, ‘Big Man,’ a large australopith (an extinct primate like the famous Lucy)? If we ignore the dating, he might turn out to be a human.
by Peter Line
The Neutral Model of evolution and recent African origins
Do the ‘molecular clock’ assumptions of the most popular version of human evolution and dispersal, the ‘Out of Africa’ hypothesis stand up under scrutiny?
by Rob Carter
The Neandertal mitochondrial genome
It does not support evolution
by Robert Carter
Gautengensis vs sediba
A battle for supremacy amongst ‘apeman’ contenders, but neither descended from Adam.
by Peter Line
Indian creation myths
The evidence is substantial, the conclusion undeniable. Throughout the Americas various groups share similar, detailed creation accounts that mirror Genesis and mirror accounts from virtually every culture on the planet.
by Calvin Smith
Neandertal genome like ours
Decoding of 60% of the Neandertal genome surprises evolutionists as to how similar it is to modern humans
by Rob Carter