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Documenting the obvious
Documenting the links between Darwin influenced Nazi racism.
by Jerry Bergman
Does evolution justify unbelief?
Does evolution inspire apostasy and heresy?
by Shaun Doyle
Developments in paleoanthropology no. 2
How do some more recent paleoanthropology finds fit into the biblical perspective?
by Peter Line
Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 1—a challenge to abiogenesis
Has one of the major barriers to abiogenesis been overcome?
by Royal Truman
Leaving Darwin to go nowhere
Leaving Darwin to go nowhere?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Aping humans
The idea that chimps can learn to speak as humans do was thoroughly debunked earlier this century.
by Carl Wieland
‘It’s not science
Attempts to dismiss creation as ‘religious’ do not stack up logically.
by Don Batten
Is BibleProject Biblical?
While BibleProject has become increasingly popular recently, we believe that there are some concerns that need to be addressed. What some perceive as minor differences can have far-reaching implications.
by Chris Day
Dragon Man
Evolutionists propose a new human species from China
by Peter Line
Alan Feduccia: the feathered dinosaur maverick
Fossil bird expert and evolutionist Alan Feduccia argues against feathered dinosaurs.
by Joel Tay
Darwin’s abiogenesis
Life from non-life? Are naturalistic scientists any closer to solving this conundrum?
by Florin Mocanu
‘Seven Sisters’ similarities point to Babel, not evolution
Isn’t it curious that the stars in the Pleiades constellation should be regarded so universally as seven women, and most often sisters?
by David Catchpoole