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Racism—a consequence of evolution?
An icon of evolution is grimly representative of evolution’s role in inspiring racism.
by Lita Cosner, Gary Bates
Atheism needs evolution
Far from the theory of evolution being derived from facts that speak for themselves, it is actually rooted in the philosophical concept of atheism.
by Calvin Smith
Are there apemen in your ancestry?
Apemen? There are, in fact, no such creatures.
by Russell Grigg
Evolutionary Stasis
Are scientists guilty of using language that serves to distort or disguise the facts?
by Philip Bell
Evolutionary racism
A revealing secular book documents the huge change in how other Australians regarded their country’s indigenous population after Darwin’s book appeared.
by Carl Wieland
Homo erectus ‘to’ modern man: evolution or human variability?
Homo erectus 'to' modern man: evolution or human variability?
by A. W. (Bill) Mehlert
Darwin, slavery, and abolition
Did Darwin’s abhorrence of slavery have anything to do with his theory of evolution?
by Russell Grigg
What to make of Homo naledi?
Homo naledi is another case of selective interpretation of the evidence to ‘prove’ evolution of man from apelike ancestors.
by Marc Ambler
Refuting Evolution 2—Chapter 7
Refuting Evolution 2 chapter 7: Argument: ‘Bad design’ is evidence of leftovers from evolution
by Jonathan Sarfati
Making sense of ‘apeman’ claims
How do we explain ‘apeman’ fossils from a biblical perspective?
by Carl Wieland
The scientific case against evolution
How do evolutionists construct their scientific case for evolution? How can the creationist respond in scientific terms?
by Shaun Doyle
Human genome decay and the origin of life
Observed mutational decay in the human genome provides clues to the origin of life.
by Alex Williams