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Ginkgo: a remarkable living fossil
With no evolutionary change over claimed hundreds of millions of years, and possessing a complex genome, the ginkgo is totally baffling to Darwinists
by Jerry Bergman
Coelacanth: The transitional fossil that wasn’t
The transitional fossil that wasn’t
by Jerry Bergman
The tapir
‘Primitive’? A ‘hodge-podge of leftovers’? Or something else?
by David Catchpoole
Baby fossil snake further frustrates evolution
A tiny snake “frozen in time” in amber belies its claimed 99 million year age
by Philip Bell
Sea Pens
‘Extreme’ living fossils shout ‘after their kind’
by Don Batten
Mighty mites stifle evolutionists
Evolutionists stopped in their tracks as amber find has them scratching their heads.
by Shane Cessna
Sulfur-cycling bacteria 1.8 billion years old the same as today
1.8 billion years have allegedly gone by but these rapidly-reproducing bacteria haven’t changed in all that supposed time
by Michael Oard
Meet ‘Mr Living Fossils’
A former evolutionist who has worked as a research biologist now has a museum that highlights creation.
by Carl Wieland
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
by Carl Wieland
Dinosaurs are almost certainly extinct
We have had decades to verify the many claims that dinosaurs are still alive today, but to date none of those have panned out.
by Robert W. Carter, Gary Bates, Jonathan Sarfati
‘Surprising’ lizards in amber
Thirty-eight fossil lizards reckoned to be 20 million years old—so well-preserved you can see whether their eyes are open or shut.
by David Catchpoole
Sperm wail
The evolutionists’ cry that ostracod gametes are 17 million years old defies common sense.
by David Catchpoole