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Sperm wail
The evolutionists’ cry that ostracod gametes are 17 million years old defies common sense.
by David Catchpoole
Horseshoe crabs invented themselves?
The latest discovery of a horseshoe crab fossil has evolutionists raving.
by David Catchpoole
Golden oldie
Today, Koelreuteria lives in its natural state only in China, Japan and Korea. Why so far from its fossils found in USA and Germany?
by David Catchpoole
Living fossil ray riddle
A living Shovelnose Ray is almost identical to a ‘dinosaur era’ fossil ray, a living fossil, challenging both evolution and geological time.
‘Living fossils’
Living horseshoe crabs and Comptonia peregrina ferns are identical to their fossils, indicating no evolution.
by Joachim Scheven
‘Surprising’ lizards in amber
Thirty-eight fossil lizards reckoned to be 20 million years old—so well-preserved you can see whether their eyes are open or shut.
by David Catchpoole
Spot the difference
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
by Carl Wieland
Mighty mites stifle evolutionists
Evolutionists stopped in their tracks as amber find has them scratching their heads.
by Shane Cessna
Baby fossil snake further frustrates evolution
A tiny snake “frozen in time” in amber belies its claimed 99 million year age
by Philip Bell
Ghostly shrimp challenges evolution!
Sulfur bacteria stasis—“The greatest absence of evolution ever reported”
“The greatest absence of evolution ever reported” is hailed as support for evolution.
by David Catchpoole