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Ancestor bias
Non-scientific biases affect museum reconstructions
by Phil Robinson
Neanderthals could hear like modern man
More evidence that Neanderthals were descended from Adam.
by Michael Oard
Neanderthals becoming more modern with time
Archaeology confirms that Neanderthal Man had numerous abilities that are attributed to modern man.
by Michael J. Oard
Neandertals weren’t ‘cave men’
Neandertals’ most famous homes were caves, but that’s not where they lived all the time.
by Lita Sanders
The sophisticated Neandertal
Is The Flintstones a more accurate picture of Neandertals than evolutionary documentaries?
by Lita Cosner and Rob Carter
An overview of the Denisovan puzzle
How can we understand the mysterious Denisovan people from a biblical perspective?
by Peter Line
Modern science catches up with Neandertal man
Modern science shows that Neandertals are fully human.
by Jean O'Micks
Neandertal-Human Hybrids:
Neandertals interbreeding with humans proves they are the same kind, but many long-age compromisers deny their humanity, leading to huge theological problems and outright bizarrity.
by Fred Butler
The caring Neandertal
The portrayal of a Neandertal as a human-like, dim-witted creature is stripped away when the facts are examined.
by A.J. Monty White
Flights of fancy
No simple brute or sub-human pre-Adamite would pluck feathers for headdresses!
by Carl Wieland
Neandertal paintings ‘bombshell’
Neandertals weren’t artistic—and yet they were.
by David Catchpoole
Big-eye brain-less Neandertal nonsense
Bigger eyes in Neandertals didn’t mean they had less brain.
by David Catchpoole, Don Batten