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The ‘Lazarus effect’: rodent ‘resurrection’!
Looking for something different? Try an Asian food market. You might be surprised …
by David Catchpoole
Another leggy snake?
Discovering leg bones in the fossil snake Eupodophis has evolutionists excited. But are leggy snakes ‘primitive’, and what have they to do with the Curse in Genesis 3?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Grass-eating dinos
How could dinosaurs have eaten grass, if it hadn’t evolved yet?
by David Catchpoole
Horseshoe crabs invented themselves?
The latest discovery of a horseshoe crab fossil has evolutionists raving.
by David Catchpoole
Speech, music—and Neandertals
Humans turn out to have a remarkable ability that is not needed for survival. But it is useful in praising the Creator …
by Carl Wieland
That quote!—about the missing transitional fossils
The inside story on bombshell admissions from an evolutionary expert— and one skeptic’s attempts at damage control.
by Gary Bates
A fossil is a fossil is a fossil. Right?
Do today’s definitions of the word ‘fossil’ rule out a biblical timescale by default?
by Cecil Allen
Fossil ant found alive!
Better watch where you walk … lest you tread on an ‘extinct’ ant!
by David Catchpoole
Correcting the headline: ‘Coelacanth’ yes; ‘Ancient’ no
Instead of ignoring news reports with an evolutionary ‘spin’, we can ‘de-evolutionise’ them for powerful use in outreach.
by David Catchpoole
Evolutionary Stasis
Are scientists guilty of using language that serves to distort or disguise the facts?
by Philip Bell
‘Schweitzer’s dangerous discovery’
Dr Mary Schweitzer discovered still-soft-and-stretchy tissue in a dinosaur fossil, igniting a controversy.
by David Catchpoole and Jonathan Sarfati
Fossil evidence for alleged apemen—Part 1: the genus Homo
Morphological analysis points to genetic variation within the one human kind, so the case for human evolution collapses.
by Peter Line