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Sensational dinosaur blood report!
by Carl Wieland
DNA and bone cells found in dinosaur bone
Dino bone has DNA in just the right positions to be from the dino. But measured rates of DNA decay in bones prohibit survival for 65 million years.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Life is in the blood
Blood is the transport system of the body that keeps everything alive and connected.
by Andrew Hodge
Do mutations add information?
Mutations can add information, so why is that not evolution?
by Joel Tay
Did immune system antibody diversity evolve?
The various adaptive immune systems in the animal kingdom are all equally complex, yet with major discontinuities between them.
by Jerry Bergman and Nancy O
Skin colour surprises
The genes that affect light and dark skin colour are found across the world, indicating that they were in our population before we spread out across the world at Babel.
by Robert Carter
Basics of biblical biology
While design is fundamental to biblical biology, there is more to the story …
by Shaun Doyle
Serial cell differentiation: intricate system of design
The process of cell division is so complicated and selective that evolutionists can’t adequately explain its origin.
by Shaun Doyle
Deeply unethical research uses aborted babies scalps attached to mice to test human immune responses
Scalps of aborted babies were grafted onto mice to test human immune responses to bacteria. This represents new lows in science, whereby humans are brutally treated like commodities.
by Gavin Cox
Cell systems—what’s really under the hood continues to drop jaws
What’s really under the hood continues to drop jaws
by Brian Thomas
A strange idea of science
National Geographic’s ideas about the origin of life merely masquerade as science. Yet they say creationists are at war with science?!
by Lucien Tuinstra
Reversible autopoiesis—a foundational design principle for life’s survival
Because cells have the ability to adapt to certain stresses, such as a lack of food, they must have been functioning that way from the start.
by Alex Williams