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The mysterious alien tablet
Delving into DNA’s mind-blowing, multi-layered information system
by Dom Statham
Junk DNA—from science stopper to sickness source
There’s compelling evidence that the evolutionary concept of junk DNA has held back medical science for decades.
by Pekka Reinikainen
The genetic effects of the population bottleneck associated with the Genesis Flood
Is human genetic diversity consistent with Noah's Flood?
by Robert Carter
What would count as ‘new information’ in genetics?
Let’s explore the answer to a common skeptical question about ‘new information’ in genetics.
by Paul Price, Robert Carter
The surprising ‘belwhal’
DNA reveals beluga-narwhal hybrid
by Phil Robinson
Were Neanderthals pre-Flood?
A questioner asks: Did Neanderthals live before the Flood?
by Robert Carter
Recent origin of species
It does not add up for the evolutionary story.
by Don Batten
Brave warriors with words
Communication is key when it comes to deciphering some secrets.
by Carl Wieland
Reading ‘origin of life’ research
What should we be aware of as we try to read the secular literature with a careful and critical eye?
by Shaun Doyle
Canaanite DNA disproves the Bible?
Fake news on Canaanite DNA ‘contradicting’ the Bible sets the science news media buzzing.
by Shaun Doyle
Why the Miller–Urey research argues against abiogenesis
Does the Miller–Urey study prove abiogenesis or does it in effect revive the concept of spontaneous generation.
by Jerry Bergman
Mistakes about mistakes
Do common mutations found in humans and apes prove evolution?
by Dominic Statham