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Genetic entropy: The silent killer
A devastatingly powerful argument against evolution
by Paul Price
The human genome is amazingly complex
The genome is not simple. It is a hyper-sophisticated information processing system that cannot be explained by the Darwinian descent-with-modification idea.
by Robert Carter
Designer DNA
Scientists learn to encode 3-D printed objects with instructions coded in DNA, enabling them to replicate the objects again and again.
by Gavin Cox
Evolution’s well-kept secret:
This ‘dirty secret’ of modern-day Darwinism blows a hole in evolutionary theory a mile wide!
by Paul Price
The mysterious alien tablet
Delving into DNA’s mind-blowing, multi-layered information system
by Dom Statham
Junk DNA—from science stopper to sickness source
There’s compelling evidence that the evolutionary concept of junk DNA has held back medical science for decades.
by Pekka Reinikainen
The genetic effects of the population bottleneck associated with the Genesis Flood
Is human genetic diversity consistent with Noah's Flood?
by Robert Carter
What would count as ‘new information’ in genetics?
Let’s explore the answer to a common skeptical question about ‘new information’ in genetics.
by Paul Price, Robert Carter
The surprising ‘belwhal’
DNA reveals beluga-narwhal hybrid
by Phil Robinson
God’s DNA-detangling motors
Complex operations within a cell have to be present from the start for it to function at all.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Were Neanderthals pre-Flood?
A questioner asks: Did Neanderthals live before the Flood?
by Robert Carter
Recent origin of species
It does not add up for the evolutionary story.
by Don Batten