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Chimpanzee Y chromosome is radically different from human
The chimp Y chromosome is radically different to the human Y chromosome, contradicting evolutionary expectations.
by Robert W Carter
Scientific laws of information: part 2
Materialistic evolution is the ‘perpetual motion machine’ of information.
by Werner Gitt
Heads I win, tails you lose
Please advice ‘teaser’
by Dominic Statham
Scientific laws of information: part 1
Why materialistic evolution can’t explain the origin of information in biology.
by Werner Gitt
Order or chaos?
‘Hope springs eternal’ as some latch onto chaos theory hoping that it will provide an evolutionary mechanism.
by Martha Blakefield
The Neutral Model of evolution and recent African origins
Do the ‘molecular clock’ assumptions of the most popular version of human evolution and dispersal, the ‘Out of Africa’ hypothesis stand up under scrutiny?
by Rob Carter
The Best Genetic Computer Program in the World
Scientists begin to unravel the splicing code
by Rob Carter
Neandertal genome like ours
Decoding of 60% of the Neandertal genome surprises evolutionists as to how similar it is to modern humans
by Rob Carter
Adam, Eve and Noah vs Modern Genetics
It’s in our genes—that is, evidence that we all come from just two people, and that there was subsequently a dramatic population crash.
by Robert W. Carter
The slow, painful death of junk DNA
New findings undermine the idea that large stretches of our DNA are useless.
by Rob Carter
Origin of life questions, and what biblical creationists really believe
CMI commended for providing answers that pastors wouldn’t, and helps refute atheist’s chemical evolution propaganda and misunderstandings about biblical Creation/Fall model.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Skippy surprises scientists
Kangaroos are not supposed to be our close evolutionary relatives. But a recent genetic analysis shows ’roo genes are ‘largely the same’ as in people.
by Carl Wieland