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Adam, Eve and Noah vs Modern Genetics
It’s in our genes—that is, evidence that we all come from just two people, and that there was subsequently a dramatic population crash.
by Robert W. Carter
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
by Jonathan Sarfati
The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve!
Refuting errors by Francis Collins and BioLogos
by Robert W Carter
Scientific laws of information: part 1
Why materialistic evolution can’t explain the origin of information in biology.
by Werner Gitt
Does gene duplication provide the engine for evolution?
There are a number of problems with evolution by gene duplication and mutation.
by Jerry Bergman
The chromosome 2 fusion model of human evolution—part 1: re-evaluating the evidence
Part 1: re-evaluating the evidence
by Jerry Bergman, Jeffrey Tomkins
The adaptation of bacteria to feeding on nylon waste
Bacteria adapting to feed on nylon waste is held up as proof of ‘evolution’. But is that really true?
by Don Batten
Decreased lifespans: Have we been looking in the right place?
Decreased lifespans: Have we been looking in the right place?
by Carl Wieland
Astonishing DNA complexity uncovered
A major study of human DNA reveals that there is probably no such thing as ‘junk DNA’. This makes the case for creation even more overwhelmingly powerful.
by Alex Williams
Variation, information and the created kind
Variation, information and the created kind
by Dr Carl Wieland
Time—no friend of evolution
‘Millions of years’ don’t help—in fact they make it worse.
by David Catchpoole
Another evolutionary ‘truth’ now conceded to be myth
Evolutionists abandon the idea of 99% DNA similarity between humans and chimps
by Daniel Anderson