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Genomic monkey business—estimates of nearly identical human–chimp DNA similarity re-evaluated using omitted data
According to the latest data, this claim is vastly overestimated.
by Jeffrey Tomkins, Jerry Bergman
Critic ignores reality of Genetic Entropy
Can beneficial mutations outweigh destructive mutations? Creationist geneticist Dr John Sanford rebuts criticisms and accusations from a theistic evolutionist.
by John Sanford
Do mutations add information?
Mutations can add information, so why is that not evolution?
by Joel Tay
The myth of 1%
It has become dogma that human and chimp DNA is ‘only’ 1% different, but this is very, very wrong.
by Don Batten
The four dimensional human genome defies naturalistic explanations
The human genome is the most complex computer operating system in the known universe and defies naturalistic explanations.
by Robert Carter
Does gene duplication provide the engine for evolution?
There are a number of problems with evolution by gene duplication and mutation.
by Jerry Bergman
From ape to man via genetic meltdown: a theory in crisis
A review of Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome by John C. Sanford
by Royal Truman
Was life really created in a test tube? And does it disprove biblical creation?
Did Craig Venter make a synthetic life form, and does it show that life could have evolved from non-living chemicals?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Astonishing DNA complexity uncovered
A major study of human DNA reveals that there is probably no such thing as ‘junk DNA’. This makes the case for creation even more overwhelmingly powerful.
by Alex Williams
Time—no friend of evolution
‘Millions of years’ don’t help—in fact they make it worse.
by David Catchpoole
The myth of ape-to-human evolution
Sneak peek of latest Creation magazine. Just because ape-to-human evolution is popular doesn’t make it plausible.
by Peter Line
Neandertal genome like ours
Decoding of 60% of the Neandertal genome surprises evolutionists as to how similar it is to modern humans
by Rob Carter