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Antibiotic resistance: Evolution in action?
Why are man-made pills increasingly ineffective in the battle against infections?
by Don Batten
The Christchurch mosque attacks: speaking Christ’s peace, truth and love
Speaking Christ’s peace, truth and love into a tragic massacre.
by Shaun Doyle
Hachimoji DNA argues against evolution, despite recent claims
Evolutionists claim that an eight-letter DNA alphabet called hachimoji allows for more varied evolution of life, but simple science shows otherwise.
by Matthew Cserhati, Robert Carter
Were Neanderthals pre-Flood?
A questioner asks: Did Neanderthals live before the Flood?
by Robert Carter
Evolutionists disagree on how evolution happens
There is more than one view among evolutionary researchers on how new biological structures arise.
by Shaun Doyle
Recent origin of species
It does not add up for the evolutionary story.
by Don Batten
The myth of ape-to-human evolution
Just because ape-to-human evolution is popular doesn’t make it plausible.
by Peter Line
Mutant plastic-munching enzyme does not support evolution
New plastic-munching Ideonella sakaiensis bacterium was intelligently engineered, not randomly evolved.
by Ari Takku
Sinners and saints regardless of race
The best and worst of humanity can be found in people of all races.
by Shaun Doyle
Reversible autopoiesis—a foundational design principle for life’s survival
Because cells have the ability to adapt to certain stresses, such as a lack of food, they must have been functioning that way from the start.
by Alex Williams
Skin deep
I couldn’t help but note your shade of melanin.
by Jerry P. Moore
Brave warriors with words
Communication is key when it comes to deciphering some secrets.
by Carl Wieland