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The chromosome 2 fusion model of human evolution—part 2: re-analysis of the genomic data
Part 2: re-analysis of the genomic data
by Jeffrey Tomkins, Jerry Bergman
Life is in the blood
Blood is the transport system of the body that keeps everything alive and connected.
by Andrew Hodge
The chromosome 2 fusion model of human evolution—part 1: re-evaluating the evidence
Part 1: re-evaluating the evidence
by Jerry Bergman, Jeffrey Tomkins
Human/chimp genome shock
Chimps and humans have similar genomes, right? Wrong! Just look at the Y chromosome.
by David Catchpoole
Darwin, slavery, and abolition
Did Darwin’s abhorrence of slavery have anything to do with his theory of evolution?
by Russell Grigg
Time—no friend of evolution
‘Millions of years’ don’t help—in fact they make it worse.
by David Catchpoole
Potatoes and ‘white chimpanzees’
The ‘failure’ of natural selection resulted in the death of millions during the Irish potato famine.
by Russell Grigg
Cell systems—what’s really under the hood continues to drop jaws
What’s really under the hood continues to drop jaws
by Brian Thomas
The Bible and interracial marriage
Interracial marriage. The hangovers of evolutionary racism can still be found in some church circles today
by Carl Wieland
Evolutionary racism
A revealing secular book documents the huge change in how other Australians regarded their country’s indigenous population after Darwin’s book appeared.
by Carl Wieland
Mutations, epigenetics and the question of information
Addressing some common misconceptions about creationist biology.
by Jean Lightner, Don Batten
Responses to our 15 Questions: part 3
Our 15 Questions for Evolutionists has sparked many responses from evolutionists and skeptics attempting to answer. We’ve compiled many of the answers that we’ve received, along with our refutations.
by Lita Cosner, Dr Don Batten, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Rob Carter