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Responses to our 15 Questions: part 1
Our 15 Questions for Evolutionists pamphlet has sparked many responses from evolutionists and skeptics attempting to answer.
by Lita Cosner, Dr Don Batten, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Rob Carter
The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve!
Refuting errors by Francis Collins and BioLogos
by Robert W Carter
Does Genetics Point to a Single Primal Couple?
A reader points out that a Biologos article contradicts what CMI has published. Who is right?
by Rob Carter
Genetics and geographical distribution
A correspondent challenges us to explain genetics and geographical distribution in a creationist framework.
by Dr Robert Carter
Vintage Journal: Pre-Adamites and human fossils
Can the human fossil record, with its evidence of suffering, disease, sin and death, be dated before Adam?
by Marvin L. Lubenow
Darwin’s Lamarckism vindicated?
Darwin later rejected pure ‘Darwinism’ for Larmarckism and now discoveries in epigenetics suggest that inheritance of acquired characteristics does occur.
by Robert W Carter
Vintage Journal: The origin of life
A critique of current scientific models
by Aw Swee-Eng
Y-chromosome Adam and the Cambrian explosion
Does what we know about the Y chromosome fit with biblical history? And could there be a connection between sea floor life and the Cambrian explosion?
by Rob Carter
Chimpanzee Y chromosome is radically different from human
The chimp Y chromosome is radically different to the human Y chromosome, contradicting evolutionary expectations.
by Robert W Carter
Transposon amplification in rapid intrabaraminic diversification
A mechanism for rapid post-Flood diversification of baramins
by Evan Loo Shan
Scientific laws of information: part 2
Materialistic evolution is the ‘perpetual motion machine’ of information.
by Werner Gitt
Heads I win, tails you lose
Please advice ‘teaser’
by Dominic Statham