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Diabolical ironclad beetles inspire extra-strong joints
Ironclad beetle laminated elytra have special joins that confer extra toughness, and might inspire aircraft joints.
by Jonathan Sarfati
The mutant ‘feather-duster’ budgie
A genetic copying mistake hampered this bird’s development and limited its lifespan.
by Andrew Lamb
The evolution train’s a-comin’
Evolution would require new genetic information, but only loss of genetic information is observed
by Carl Wieland
The surprisingly complex tRNA subsystem: part 5—evolutionary implausibility
How plausible is evolution as an explanation of the tRNA subsystem?
by Royal Truman
Beetle bloopers
Despite what evolutionists say, mutations are not evidence for evolution but rather evidence against it.
by Carl Wieland
Sex abnormalities and transgender
Activists argue that abnormalities in sexual development justify transgenderism, but the argument fails scrutiny.
by Don Batten
Research has overturned endosymbiosis: the unbridgeable gap between prokaryotes and eukaryotes remains
The unbridgeable gap between prokaryotes and eukaryotes remains.
by Jerry Bergman
The waiting time problem
Can mutations change an organism fast enough even over ‘evolutionary’ time?
by Don Batten
Can nucleobases and self-replication arise from non-living chemicals?
Can nucleobases form from a primordial soup? Can RNA self-replication arise?
by Jonathan Sarfati
The surprisingly complex tRNA subsystem: part 4—tRNA fragments regulate processes
tRNAs and their fragments precisely regulate many cell processes.
by Royal Truman
The surprisingly complex tRNA subsystem: part 3—quality control mechanisms
Their formation is a ‘chicken and egg’ problem for evolution.
by Royal Truman
How slavery enhanced racism
What came first, slavery or racism?
by Carl Wieland