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The surprisingly complex tRNA subsystem: part 2—biochemical modifications
Raw tRNAs are not enough; they need dozens of biochemical to function.
by Royal Truman
The surprisingly complex tRNA subsystem: part 1—generation and maturation
Their formation is a ‘chicken and egg’ problem for evolution.
by Royal Truman
No flies on ‘freak’ sheep
A ‘handy’ mutation in sheep could revolutionize the Australian woolgrowing industry. But it’s not evolution.
by David Catchpoole
The hemizygosity hypothesis—a novel genetic paradigm for baranomes
A novel genetic paradigm for how the created kinds diversified after the Flood
by Peer Terborg
White Squirrels?
White squirrels appear in a handful of towns in North America. How did they get there? Is it evolution? Is white fur a beneficial mutation or a curse?
by Thomas Bailey
The barrier has been breached!
The body cells do not contribute DNA to the next generation. Only reproductive cells do. This is called the Weismann barrier, an important concept for the development of evolutionary thought. It is no longer true.
by Robert Carter
The Israelites
The origin of the Israelites is detailed in the Bible, but people tend to have an oversimplified understanding of the sons of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham.
by Robert Carter and Lita Sanders
Deeply unethical research uses aborted babies scalps attached to mice to test human immune responses
Scalps of aborted babies were grafted onto mice to test human immune responses to bacteria. This represents new lows in science, whereby humans are brutally treated like commodities.
by Gavin Cox
Academia and the press as the bad guys
A review of Spectacle: The astonishing life of Ota Benga by Pamela Newkirk Amistad, New York, 2015.
by Jerry Bergman
Species were designed to change, part 3
Not only can species change over time, but they can merge and split as well. This can be described with the ‘braided baramin’ concept.
by Robert Carter
Species were designed to change, part 2
Where do species come from? How much change is allowed? If species change, what separates creation from evolution?
by Robert Carter
Creation: a form of white supremacy?
Scientific American accuses creationists of white supremacy, glossing over evolution’s own disgusting racist past.
by Shaun Doyle