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‘Ice-rafted’ dropstones from warm-climate cap carbonates?
A conundrum that provides opportunities for explanation in a biblical framework.
by Michael J. Oard
Uniformitarian paleoaltimetry estimates questionable
What assumptions and challenges call into question long-age attempts to assess the height of the land in the past?
by Michael J. Oard
The uplift of the mountains
It happened quickly but did not terrify people
by Tas Walker
The cataclysmic carving of Carnarvon Gorge
An Australian outback icon reveals exciting evidence of Noah’s Flood
by Tas Walker
When were ‘mismatched’ river courses carved?
During Noah’s Flood or the post-Flood Ice Age?
by Ron Neller
Globally extensive Cenozoic coals indicate high post-Flood boundary
Are they best explained by Noah’s Flood or by catastrophes after Noah’s Flood?
by Timothy L. Clarey, Davis J. Werner, and Jeffrey P. Tomkins
A more likely origin of massive dolomite deposits
Does Noah’s Flood provide a better context for explaining the origin of massive dolomite deposits?
by Michael J. Oard
The Carnian Pluvial Event
Did it really rain on Earth for 2 million years?
by Ron Neller and Tas Walker
Rising waters separated Britain from Europe?
Evidence of human habitation underwater—evidence of a lower sea level during the immediate post-Flood era?
by Phil Robinson
Gold deposits—formed by the global Flood
New research shows how gold was deposited quickly as hot colloidal liquid at depth, aided by sea water. This is consistent with the Flood and not millions of years.
by Gavin Cox
What is the origin of clastic pipes?
How Noah's Flood provides a better context for explaining their formation
by Michael J. Oard
A passion for rocks
Tas Walker talks to Philip Worts about geology and ground-breaking discoveries
by Tas Walker