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Early victim of the ‘dinosaur-extinction impact’
The first dinosaur death is claimed to have been drowned and quickly buried due to a huge tsunami caused by the Chicxulub impact at the Yucatan peninsula.
by Lucien Tuinstra
‘Snowball Earth’ out with a bang?
How could the earth get out of a global glaciation?
by Edward Isaacs
Flood impacts reinforce volcanic cooling to start the Ice Age
Volcanism and meteorite impacts likely kick-started an immediate cooling after the global Flood
by Michael J. Oard
The mystery of the moon
Whatever scenario evolutionists invoke, they can’t adequately explain the moon’s origin.
by Dominic Statham
The Vredefort Dome, South Africa
Long-age thinking held back scientific explanations of a major South African geological feature.
by Tas Walker
At least some ‘tillites’ may be impact debris
Answering a challenge to biblical geology: do pre-Ice Age ‘tillites' require glacial processes to form?
by Michael J. Oard
Earth impacts and the faint young sun
A look at the problems associated with evolutionary origin-of-life scenarios for our world.
by Wayne Spencer
How many impact craters should there be on the earth?
Does the moon give us enough clues to estimate how many asteroids impacted the earth.
by Michael J. Oard
Impacts and Noah’s Flood—how many and other issues
A model of the catastrophic events at the time of Noah’s Flood includes multiple asteroid impacts.
by Wayne Spencer
Precambrian impacts and the Genesis Flood
Are large craters an indication of the energy forces needed to start and sustain the world’s biggest watery catastrophe?
by Michael J. Oard
Earth’s unique topography
Why Mt Everest, the Grand Canyon and multiple other significant geological features mark Earth as a special planet.
by Andrew Snelling and David Malcolm
The K/T impact hypothesis and secular neocatastrophism—why is this important to Flood geology?
What forced secular geologists to abandon Charles Lyell’s gradualism and embrace catastrophe in the rocks?
by Carl R. Froede Jr