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‘Ice-rafted’ dropstones from warm-climate cap carbonates?
A conundrum that provides opportunities for explanation in a biblical framework.
by Michael J. Oard
Another one bites the dust
A growing number of rock formations are collapsing in relatively recent times.
by Mark James
Ooids grew rapidly in the Flood
Ooids in the rock record differ to some extent from those that form today. The Flood can explain why.
by Michael J. Oard
Gold deposits—formed by the global Flood
New research shows how gold was deposited quickly as hot colloidal liquid at depth, aided by sea water. This is consistent with the Flood and not millions of years.
by Gavin Cox
Cosmic magnets vs long-age dogma
Tetrataenite, a promising alternative to rare-earth magnets, was thought to need millions of years to form, but a lab formed it quickly.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Fast, fine gemstones
It’s now known that those beautiful crystals on display didn’t need millions of years to form
by Jonathan O’Brien
Fantastic folds
Curvy rock layers undermine millions of years
by Gavin Cox
Mightiest, 'multi-million-year-old' millipede
A newly discovered fossil of Arthropleura, a giant millipede, provides good evidence of having been buried during Noah’s Flood.
by Gavin Cox
Speleothem growth
A question is asked about sceptics’ responses to creationists using speedy growth rates of speleothems under man-made structures to illustrate speedy natural cave formations
by Gavin Cox
Defying deep-time dogma
Showing how cave structures don’t always form by ‘slow and gradual’ processes.
by Gavin Cox
Candles turned to stone
Found deep in a mine, they help demonstrate the length of time needed to turn buried animal and plant remains into rock
by Jonathan O’Brien
The Florissant redwood trees deposited from a Flood log mat
How were all these huge tree trunks deposited?
by Michael J Oard