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Much supposed geological time missing from strata
Deep time is more gap than rock record
by Michael Oard
The Salt Range saga
The Salt Range of Pakistan has yielded some very interesting fossils—that according to evolution should not have been found!
by Paul Price
Canadian landscape a testimony to the Flood
Catastrophic forces that carved flat vast swathes of the planet defy explanation in conventional geological thinking.
by Michael Oard
Tremendous erosion of continents during the Recessive Stage of the Flood
The erosion that occurred during the latter stages of Noah’s Flood is almost unimaginable, but remarkably obvious.
by Michael J. Oard
The flood chaser
When Ron Neller studied how water affected the landscapes all over the world, he was on his way to becoming a biblical creationist and did not know it.
by tas Walker
Submarine canyons bigger than Grand Canyon
Carved as Noah’s Floodwaters receded
by Michael Oard
The Pinatubo eruption—catastrophic pyroclastic flows and lahars
How does the Mount Pinatubo eruption support Flood geology?
by Andrew Sibley
Recessive Stage of Flood began in the mid-Cretaceous and eroded kilometres of sediment from continent
The geology of south-west Western Australia interpreted from a biblical perspective.
by Tas Walker
Dinosaur footprint treasure trove found in Britain
How quickly did they form?
by Phil Robinson
The remarkable landscape around Provadia, Bulgaria
Formed by Noah’s Flood
by Tas Walker
Widmanst├Ątten patterns in meteorites
Not a problem for the biblical timescale.
by Tas Walker
Planation surfaces below the Antarctic Ice Sheet
How did they form?
by Michael J. Oard