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The lost squadron
WWII fighter planes abandoned on a Greenland glacier were found 50 years later, already under 75 metres of ice.
by Carl Wieland
Solar activity, cold European winters, and the Little Ice Age
A concept known as the charge modulation of aerosol scavenging (CMAS) may help researchers unearth the causes of severe European winters.
by Jake Hebert
Wild, wild floods!
Two catastrophic floods were responsible for separating the British Isles from Continental Europe.
by Emil Silvestru
Charles Lyell: the man who tried to rewrite history
Charles Lyell aimed to free geology from the time-frame of Genesis.
by Russell Grigg
What caused the Ice Age?
The question of Ice Ages proves more of a problem for secular scientists to answer than it does for creationists.
by Michael J. Oard
Earth’s unique topography
Why Mt Everest, the Grand Canyon and multiple other significant geological features mark Earth as a special planet.
by Andrew Snelling and David Malcolm
How does andesite lava originate in the earth?
Questionable assumptions about how volcanic andesite lava is produced suggests caution before accepting uniformitarian interpretations.
by Michael J. Oard
The Genesis Flood and Noah’s Ark
Evidence for the Genesis Flood and Noah’s Ark is crucial to understanding the world’s history.
by Tas Walker
Confusion over mining plans and coal deposits
But Flood geology explains them.
by Tas Walker
Coal beds and Noah’s Flood part 2
Multiple coal beds are no surprise to creationists despite evolutionists’ objections.
by Andrew Snelling
Coal beds and Noah’s Flood
Evolutionists continue to question whether a global flood could have produced all coal deposits.
by Andrew Snelling
Haleakala volcano on the Island of Maui, Hawaii
How can I understand the general evolutionary explanation for the shape and structure of the volcano?
by Tas Walker